Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 31 – Tefillin on holy days

  1. It is forbidden to lay tefillin on Shabbos and on Yom Tov. (ShA1)
  1. If you have no choice, you may move the tefillin on Shabbos and on Yom Tov in order to protect them. Otherwise, consider them kaylim shemelachton l’issur. (MB2)
  1. Also on Chol Hamoed it is forbidden to lay tefillin. (ShA2)
  1. Some say that Chol Hamoed is obligated in tefillin just don’t say the berachos on them out aloud like you usually do. Take them off before Hallel. (Rama2 – MB7)
  1. Those who remove their tefillin after Kedusha must still be careful to listen to the repetition of the chazzan. (MB7)
  1. It is best not to say a beracha on the tefillin of Chol Hamoed. Also make a condition: “If I am obligated, I am wearing them for the mitzva, and if I am not, I am not wearing them for the sake of the mitzva.” (MB8)
  1. It is improper to have, in one shul, some wearing tefillin and others not. (MB8)