Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 165 – One who wants to eat after going to the bathroom

  1. A person should check for an urge for a bowel movement before netillas yodayim. (MB 1)
  2. If a person went the bathroom and now wants to eat bread, the best practice is to wash first just a little so your hands will be clean for Asher Yotzar. Say Asher Yotzar. Wash again properly for bread and say the “al netillas yodayim”. (ShA 1 – MB 2)
  3. You are not allowed to speak between washing netillas yodayim and the beracha. (MB 2)
  4. The obligation to recite Asher Yotzar falls upon a person immediately after using the bathroom. You must not delay it by washing netillas yodayim and eating bread beforehand. (MB 2)
  5. There are poskim who rule that Asher Yotzar is not a hefsek between washing and Hamotzi. You can rely on them l’chatchila if it is difficult to wash twice. Just wash for bread, recite “al netillas yodayim”, dry, then say the Asher Yotzar before the Hamotzi. So should be done if one goes to the bathroom in the middle of the meal, since the Hamotzi has already been recited. (MB 2)
  6. You may say the beracha “al netillas yodayim” while drying your hands. See #31 above. (ShA 1)
  7. After washing from the bathroom, it is good to rub your wet hands together for extra cleanliness for the beracha Asher Yotzar. (ShaH 9)
  8. If a lot of people are going to eat together and are not waiting for one another, the most important person should be given the honour to wash first. Each person should wash afterwards and quickly go to say his own Hamotzi so as not to delay between the washing and eating.    (ShA 2 – MB 4,5)
  9. If the other members of the meal do not have their own bread it is preferable for them to wash first rather than having the important person wait for all of them to wash. (BeH “v’haRush”)