Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 111 – Somaych geula l’tefilla

  • Before Shemoneh Esray, of Mincha and Musaf you are allowed to add pesukim before “Hashem sifosai tiftach…” (MB 1)
  • Do not interrupt between geula and tefilla of Shacharis or Maariv with any response or possuk except for “Hashem sifosai tiftach…”                (ShA 1 – MB 4)
  • L’chatchila, you shouldn’t even pause in silence for more than a k’day dibbur between geula and tefilla. (MB 2)
  • Since the poskim argue about answering omayn after “go’al Yisroel”, you should end the beracha “go’al Yisroel” together with the chazzan so you will not be required to answer omayn. (ShA 1 – Rama 1 – MB 6)
  • Some poskim hold that there is no din to be somaych geula l’tefilla on Shabbos. You should rely upon them to answer Omayn, yehay shemay rabba – Kedusha – and Borchu between geula and tefilla on Shabbos. (Rama 1 – MB 9)
  • Before the chazzan begins the repetition he should whisper the possuk “Hashem sifosai tiftach…” He should not interrupt between his own silent Shemoneh Esray and the repetition except for a mitzvah matter. (e.g. Omayn, yehay shemay rabba.) (ShA 2 – MB 10)
  • To be somaych geula to tefilla is more important than tefilla b’tzibbur only for Shacharis, but for Maariv not. Therefore if the tzibbur is beginning Shemoneh Esray of Maariv, begin with them even though you have not yet said Krias Shema and its berachos. (ShA 3 -MB 11)