Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 16 – Tallis size

  1. A boy of chinuch age must be trained to wear a begged that measures an area that covers his head and most of his torso. At age 9, this measurement has been found to be 1 ½ amos. The begged should therefore measure ¾ ama (36cm) in front and ¾ ama in the back. This criterion is the minimum size even when an adult is wearing it. Less than this is a worry of beracha l’vatalla. To avoid an doubt, “men of deeds” are particular to have the size measure 1 ama in front and 1 ama in the back. (MB4 – ShaH8 – BeH “ve’az”)
  1. The shoulders of a tallis katan should be wide and recognizable. Not mere straps. (MB1)
  1. It is best for the tallis katan to be sleeveless. (MB4)
  1. If the tallis katan gets folded and crumpled from wearing it, since it has the proper measurement when spread it out, it’s kasher. (MB4)