Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 122 – After Shemoneh Esray

  • It is fitting to say the possuk “Yihyu l’ratzon…” before you begin Elokai N’tzor and to say it again after Elokai N’tzor. Say this possuk slowly and with kavana, for its secret is great and it carries many segulos including to have your tefillos accepted. (ShA 2 – MB 3,8)
  • Since our minhag is to normally say Elokai N’tzor (although there is no obligation to say it after every Shemoneh Esray) they gave it the status of a quasi-Shemoneh Esray. Before and while saying it you are considered as if in the middle of Birkas Krias Shema with regards to responses. Therefore do not interrupt for any ordinary omayn. (MB 1,6)
  • If you just finished the berachos of Shemoneh Esray when you need to respond to Kaddish or Kedusha quickly say the possuk “Yihyu L’ratzon…” first. If you have no time to say that possuk, you are allowed to answer to Kaddish or Kedusha b’dieved. (MB 2)
  • If you find yourself in the middle of Elokai N’tzor when the chazzan is about to begin Kaddish or Kedusha it is best to cut your supplications short, step back your 3 steps from before the King, and respond. Given there is no time to step back just quickly say “Yihyu L’ratzon…” and then respond. (ShA 1 – MB 5,6)
  • The above halacha applies only when not intending to add in personal tefillos before stepping away. But if you want to say personal additional prayers, just answer Kaddish and Kedusha as if you are in the middle of Birkas Krias Shema. (MB 8)
  • The Chayay Odom writes that it is proper for every person to daaven for his needs every day. And that the Torah should not leave his mouth nor the mouths of his children and grand-children. And that all of his descendants should be serving Hashem in truth and that none of them should stray from the path, Heaven forbid. If you do not know how to verbalize it in Lashon Hakodesh say it, but with fervor, in your own language. (MB 8)
  • It is best to daaven personal tefillos after Shemoneh Esray rather than in Shema Kolaynu, so that you will be able to answer Kaddish and Kedusha as mentioned above. (MB 8)