Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 3 – The Bathroom

Table of Contents
  1. You should not speak in the restroom. (Rama2)
  1. In case of great need, it’s allowed as long as one has not yet actually began to relieve himself. (MB4)
  1. You should definitely not eat in the restroom. (BaH2)
  1. Close the door of the restroom behind you for tsinius. (Rama2)
  1. If a person finds himself out in the open needing to relieve himself, squat facing South. Positioning between East and West is ossur. When urinating it doesn’t matter. (ShA5)
  1. One shouldn’t wipe with the right hand. (ShA10)
  1. It’s good to be careful from wiping using the left middle finger – because the tefillin are also wrapped around it. (MB17)
  1. Do not wipe with a sharp object. (MB18)
  1. Do not defecate while standing up. (MB5)
  1. Inspect the toilet upon leaving to make sure it’s clean. (MB21)
  1. Make sure to keep your clothes, body and shoes clean when going to the bathroom. (MB6)
  1. Don’t leave excrement where other people might become dirty because of it. (MB22)
  1. Be careful not to hold the amma when urinating unless you’re married (and your wife is tehora and with you. MB27) Even so, according to middas chassidus, he should still be careful. (ShA14)
  1. One may help to direct the urine flow by holding from the corona till the tip – or by pushing from beneath the scrotum. (ShA14,15)
  1. No one is allowed to stretch his hand to those parts for any other reason. (MB27)
  1. One who delays relieving himself is a transgressor unless his intention is for kavod habrios (e.g. finding a private place). (MB31)
  1. Wipe until completely clean. It is advisable to use some liquid. (MB31)