Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 25 – Details

  1. When placing your tallis and tefillin in one bag – keep the tallis on top so you’ll bump into that less-holy mitzva item first. Then you’ll ascend to performing the holier mitzva of tefillin. If the tefillin are on the top, you’ll have to put them on before the tallis because you mustn’t pass over a mitzva. That will force you to descend in holiness. (ShA1)
  1. If you can afford it – buy your own tefillin instead of borrowing. (MB2)
  1. Put on your tallis and tefillin and then walk to shul, unless there is garbage or there are goyim in the street – in which case, put them on in the shul’s courtyard if possible. (Rama2 – MB8,10)
  1. If you are in shul without tallis and tefillin already – it’s better to exit and put them on in the shul’s courtyard, and then re-enter the shul. (MB8)
  1. If you have the tefillin on before Birkas Hashachar – feel them when you say “otayr yisroel b’siffara”. (MB13)
  1. You must be wearing tefillin at least during Shema and Shemoneh Esray – otherwise you’ll be saying false testimony on yourself when saying “ukshartom le-os”. (ShA4 – MB14)
  1. It’s also false testimony when you say “ve’ohavta” and you don’t think of loving Hashem. (MB14)
  1. When you put on the tefillin have in mind:
    1. Hashem commanded for these four parshios to be put on. They contain His unity and that He took us out of Egypt.
    2. On the head – next to the brain to subjugate your neshama.
    3. On the arm – next to the heart to subjugate your thoughts and desires.
    4. So that the Torah of Hashem will be in your mouth. (ShA5 – MB15)
  1. There is a custom to read all four parshios after you have them on. (MB16)
  1. Place the shel yad on first. Before you tighten it say the beracha “l’honiach” with a komatz under the hay – “tefiLLin” with the emphasis on the lamed. (ShA5,7 -MB19)
  1. The beracha “l’honiach” goes on both the shel yad and shel rosh. (MB31)
  1. It is forbidden to interrupt between the shel yad and the shel rosh. You should not even wink or communicate with your fingers. (ShA9 – MB29)
  1. If you spoke (even to answer omayn), go back and move your tefillin shel yad as if you are putting them on again. Say both berachos and then tighten the shel rosh. (MB 35, 36)
  1. If you hear Kaddish or Kedusha while you’re between the shel yad and shel rosh – don’t answer, just stop and listen. (ShA10)
  1. After tightening the shel yad, wrap the strap around your arm to keep the knot tight. Many have the minhag to wrap all seven winds around the forearm now. If wrapping seven times will make you miss answering Kaddish or Kedusha, instead quickly tighten the shell yad, don the shel rosh and answer – you will wrap the rest of the shel yad afterwards. (MB38)
  1. Don’t take the shel rosh out of the bag until the shel yad is in place. (ShA11)
  1. Place the shel rosh loosely on your head and say the beracha “al mitzvas” with a passach under the vov. Make sure your head is covered for the beracha. (Rama5 – MB 20,27)
  1. Tighten the tefillin around your head and only then say “Boruch shaym…”. (Rama5 – MB21)
  1. Both tefillin should be put on while standing. (Rama 11)
  1. If your tefllin slips out of place during daavening, the mihag is to not say the berachos again before adjusting them. (MB44)
  1. In what case would you say another set of berachos when laying tefillin again?
    1. When they slipped out of place not during daavening
    2. When you took them off without intention to put them right back on.
    3. When you took them off to go to the bathroom.
    4. When they were taken off in order to pass gas. (MB44,47)
  1. You can say a beracha on borrowed tefillin. (ShA12)
  1. You are allowed to borrow tefillin without permission -but wrap them up the same way they were wrapped. (MB53)
  1. Don’t take off your tefillin until after kedushas “Uva l’tzion”. According to the Kabbala don’t take them off until you’ve answered three Kaddishim and four Kedushos. It’s good not to remove the tefillin until after Kaddish Yasom after Oleynu – in a shul where they always say it. (ShA13 – MB56)
  1. On a day that there is a bris mila after Shachris, it is fitting to keep the tefillin on until after the mila. (MB55)
  1. It isn’t nice to wrap up the tallis and tefillin during Kaddish, because you must concentrate alot on “Omayn, y’hay sh’may rabba…” (MB56)
  1. Do not be involved in (even) light activities when saying a beracha. (MB56)
  1. On Rosh Chodesh, remove the tefillin after the Kaddish before Musaf. Some say to remove the tefillin before “shenishmar chukecha” so as not to have an interruption between Kaddish and Shemoneh Esray. (MB59)
  1. On Chol Hamoed, remove them before Hallel. (MB60)
  1. If you are the chazzan, remove the tefillin after Hallel – unless you have a chance before Hallel like on Sukkos when everyone is preparing their arba minim. (MB60)
  2. For  those who wear Rabaynu Tamm tefillin -Do not wear them at all on Chol Hamoed. On Rosh Chodesh there are two options: Either put them on after the chazzan finishes Musaf, or remove the Rashi tefillin before Uva l’Tzion and wear the Rabaynu Tamm ones during Uva l’Tzion. (MB 60)