Mishna Berura Summaries

Siman 144 – Skipping

  1. Because of the way the haftaros are printed these days, you are allowed to skip from one navi to the other. You can mark the place that you must read and find it quickly without making the tzibbur wait. Just be sure to skip to the same topic. (MB 6,7)
  2. When reading Tray Ossor, you are allowed to skip backwards as long as you stay in the same navi and you keep to the topic that you were reading. (MB 9)
  3. Do not make the tzibbur wait while you roll the sefer Torah to the correct place. A good time to roll the second sefer Torah is while they are reading from the first one. Even better – pre-roll it while the kahal is saying Pesukay D’zimra. (ShA 3 – MB 13)
  4. If all you have is one sefer Torah, the tzibbur will willingly wait for you to roll it for the next kria. It’s better than reading it by heart or from a chumash. (ShA3 – MB16)
  5. Do not call up one person for two aliyos on two sifray Torah. When he is called for the second one, people will say it’s because the first sefer Torah is possul. (ShA4)
  6. On Simchas Torah you can be maykil to call up a man for Chassan Torah even though he has already received an Aliya on a different sefer Torah. This is true only if others had aliyos after him. (MB17)